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If you’re new to chess, you may not know how involved this game can be. There is something about it that sets it apart. It involves strategy, flexibility, vision, and the ability to execute.

Many people believe that the game originated some time before the seventh century in India, and is related to an Indian game called “chaturanga.”

chess: the game

There are other games that chess could have been derived from, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference to us, because the game of chess is all about strategy, false flags, distractions, manipulation, and destruction. All of these things have existed in the minds of men (and women) since the dawn of time.

For amateurs, chess seems like a game of chance. Their starting moves are typically chosen based on a favorite piece, or just at random. Subsequent moves are typically moves that they are making to avoid a threat, or to advance on a front that they think might provide some opportunities. An amateur chess player doesn’t play more than one or two moves ahead.

On the other hand, a grand master chess player can think up to 10-15 moves ahead, and plays by recognizing patterns. They may not go after a piece directly, but position their pieces in a way that forces you to make a move that will leave something exposed to them. They are also willing to make sacrifices in order to move ahead.

life: the game

While there are some people who are great at the board game of chess, there are others who use the world as their chess board, making moves in business and politics to strengthen their position. Some of these grand masters use their powers for good, some for their own profit, and some for evil. When you hear the word evil, don’t think of it mildly. Think of it as sinister, wicked, cruel, EVIL.